• BG-Sentinel: The researchers' mosquito trap

    A result of more than 15 years of academic research into the host-finding of mosquitoes, the BG-Sentinel (a.k.a. the BG trap or BGS trap) is a mosquito trap used by mosquito professionals worldwide.


  • DelCo Reach & Wash

    Delco succeeded in mechanizing the cleaning of windows using the most advanced technology in the purification and treatment of water, thanks to the latest generation of poles.


  • DelCo Pest control

    DelCo Pest Control S.r.l. have been dealing with public and private hygiene for several years and thanks to its experience and professionalism, is able to safeguard the places where you live.



The HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system is mandatory for all to involve in food production, to evaluate and assess hazards and risks and establish control measures to prevent the occurrence of hygiene problems.

The HACCP system is based on the application of seven principles:
  • Hazard identification and risk analysis
  • Identification of CCP (critical control points)
  • Definition of Critical Limits for each CCP
  • Definition of critical control points monitoring requirements
  • Definition of corrective actions
  • Definition of procedures for verifying the HACCP system is working as intended
  • Definition of record keeping procedures

HACCP DelCo Disinfestazioni Srl HACCP DelCo Disinfestazioni Srl HACCP DelCo Disinfestazioni Srl

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